hether it was using a tree or a tarp fashioned from straw, the awning, in even it’s most primitive form has been protecting man from the harmful rays of the sun for literally thousands of years.  From marketplaces to palaces to even protecting the livestock, the awning was not only fashionable (Cleopatra demanded hers be made of silk), but also very functional.

Wow! Push a button and I’ve got a summer room.  We love our awning!

Technology has advanced significantly since those early days of wooden poles and straw mats to extruded aluminum, acrylic and kevlar.  While the concept of using awnings for protection is nothing new, how we achieve it today is a very modern necessity.  Fabric awnings, up until 20 years ago had a lifespan of maybe 5 years (with special care), today by using acrylic our customers average fabric lifespan is 15-20 years!  With a 10 year warranty covering rot, mildew fading and water repellency, adding an awning to your home is not only stylish, but also a sound investment.

By blocking as much as 94% of the harmful UV rays that cause skin cancer, awnings using Sunbrella® UPF 50+ fabrics have earned the prestigious ‘Recommended’ label by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

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Save on Energy

The concept is actually pretty simple… cut off the light, and you will cut out the heat.  Adding awnings, especially on Western or Southern exposed windows of your home, will greatly reduce the amount of heat your air conditioner is constantly fighting.

  • Reduce indoor temperatures by as much as 20˚
  • Reduce direct sun window heat gain, up to 70%
  • New England residents cut cooling costs by as much as 33%

Protect your Home

Harsh direct sunlight coming into your home can destroy valuables in no time at all.  I know, I had a two-tone light purple and navy couch.  By adding awnings or screens to your windows you can protect your…

  • furniture from fading, drying or cracking.
  • artwork, photos & even wallpaper from discoloration or peeling.
  • hardwood floors, carpet & linoleum from fading or discoloring.