Deck & Patio Awnings


Retractable awnings are by far our most popular product.  An on-demand system that literally transforms your deck or patio into an open air extension of your home.

  • Manual or Motorized operation
  • Widths up to 40′ and projections up to 16’6″
  • Can be roof mounted
  • Completely enclosed systems available
  • Full warrantees including labor
  • 200+ fabric choices


Stationary, or Traditional deck/patio covers, provide three season protection of patio furnishings.  Ceiling fans and lights can easily be added for additional comfort.

  • Great for most weather conditions, including rain
  • Unlimited sizes and shapes & custom-made in our Cheshire facility
  • Fall removal, winter storage & spring re-install available
  • Accessories like lights & ceiling fans can be added to the frame
  • 200+ fabric choices


Aluminum patio covers provide four season protection and are built to exceed Connecticut building codes.  With minimal care, these covers will provide decades of protection.

  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Durable, long lasting and no seasonal maintenance required
  • Built in gutter system channels water away from entry points

Window Awnings

Drop Arm

Drop Arm awnings are more versatile than most window awnings, especially on east and west facing windows.  With a 165˚ swing, you can control as much of the sun as you desire.

  • Manual or Motorized operation
  • Sizes up to 30′ wide and projections up to 5′
  • 200+ fabric choices


With powder-coated aluminum frames and acrylic fabric covers, these awnings provide a clean and traditional look and are both retractable and stationary.

  • Works with casement windows
  • Sizes up to 20′ wide and projections up to 5′
  • 200+ fabric choices


Like the Traditional patio awning, this style has been popular for generations and style-wise, not much has changed.  However, with galvanized steel tubing, fittings & brackets and fabric with a 10 year warranty, these awnings are very modern in comparison.

  • 200+ Fabric Choices
  • Classic design that has stood the test of time
  • Retractable for when you want light to enter

Aluminum Awnings & Canopies

Aluminum window and door awnings come in a variety of different styles.  To see all of the Aluminum styles, please go to the Aluminum page, by clicking the button below.

  • Stationary Roof for door or patio
  • Roll-Up & Stationary window & door
  • Traditional colors to match your home

Solar Screens

Interior Screens

Whether they are used for privacy or blocking out the sun, solar screens are an attractive, contemporary addition to your window.  Great for restaurants, showrooms, or to block out the sun in the family room or office.

  • Several different levels of transparency up to ‘Black Out’
  • Cost Effective & can be used year round
  • Great for buildings that may not allow awnings on exterior

Exterior Screens

Exterior screens are similar to interior screens though enclosed in a protective housing, protecting the fabric from seasonal elements.  Fit snuggly above your window, an Exterior Solar Screen blocks heat on the outside of the window, rather than between the window.

  • Great for Privacy and seasonal heat control
  • Locked in a track to stabilize from wind
  • Traps heat outside, rather than in room

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