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Welded Frame Styles


The A-Frame is great when used as an entrance canopy and with a large flat front, it’s also ideal for graphics.

Shed Roof

Shed Roof awnings provide a functional design and a variety of looks to enhance your identity. Great for sign work and sun and rain protection.


Similar to the A-Frame, the Archway has a more traditional curved top.


The Waterfall has a rounded top and larger face for graphics. Additional backlighting makes this awning really stand out.

Bullnose Archway

Like the Archway, the Bullnosed Archway adds a dome to the front of the canopy. Numbers or lettering can be placed on the valance; popular with apartment buildings or multi-tennant offices.

Elongated Dome

A variation on the waterfall with the addition of domed ends for a more finished look.

Box Awning

With an ‘interior’ A-Frame or Shed Roof for weather protection, the large flat face surface provides for maximum signage.


Dome awnings or canopies are very popular, stylish yet practical, and make a great first impression.


A variation on the Shed Roof for a more stylized ‘Venetian’ appearance.

Concave with sides

Just as the concave, though with slopping sides angled to the center.


While awnings are great for protection from the elements, they are also perfect for showing off your logos or information on your business. Whether you would like to have something as simple as your buildings address or business phone number to a fully backlit sign, we can easily do that for you. And with today’s technology, its usually as easy as you emailing us the graphics.

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