Awning Place & Center Aluminum

Quick turnaround… all of the aluminum awnings sold by the Awning Place are manufactured in-house by our sister company, Center Aluminum.
Center Aluminum has been the leader in aluminum awning production throughout Connecticut since 1958.


Window Awnings & Door Canopies


Roll-Up Window Awnings, unlike Stationary Awnings, are spring loaded, allowing you the ability to control the amount of sun you want. When the summer sun is too much, roll them down. Want to allow warm light to enter a room in the winter, roll them up.

  • Widths from 3′ to 12′
  • Several colors available to match your homes exterior
  • Decades worth of durability
  • Also available for casement type windows

Fabric Roll-Up

Fabric Roll-Up Window Awnings, have the same mechanisms as the standard Roll-Up Awnings, utilizing the same spring loaded design, but using awning and marine grade Sunbrella® fabric instead of aluminum slats for a softer more personalized look.

  • Widths from 3′ to 12′
  • Over 200 fabric choices available
  • 5 year warranty
  • With or without a valance


Harmonizing Door Canopies, with open sides and the unique scroll work, are designed to complement the Roll-Up Window Awning.  During the rainy spring and fall months, the Harmonizing door canopy has a gutter system which diverts rain runoff to the sides.  Also unique to the Harmonizing is it’s attachment system; allowing it to be attached to your home when space is limited and with virtually any pitch adjustment.

  • Widths from 3′ to 12′
  • Several colors available to match your homes exterior
  • Decades worth of durability

Stationary Window

Stationary Window Awnings and the Stationary Door Canopy are designed to complement each other.  Both provide year-round, maintenance-free protection from sun, rain & snow.  Both the Door Canopy & Window Awning are designed with a space between the top and side panel, preventing heat build-up.

  • Widths from 2′ to 20′
  • Several colors available to match your homes exterior
  • Come with a standard 45˚ pitch

Stationary Door

Stationary Door Canopies are manufactured like the Stationary Window Awning, with a space between the top and side panels for venting.  The Stationary Door Canopy is unique in that the gutter trim on the front diverts water from rain and melting snow.

  • Available in widths from 3′ to 20′
  • Projections up to 4’6″ with a 5˚ or 15˚ pitch
  • Several color options to match your home

Patio Covers & Carports

Patio Covers & Carports…
are great for extending your living space.  Protect your patio furnishings, car or entranceways from the harsh elements.  Built in gutter systems with leaf guards and downspouts control rain and melting snow runoff, making the Patio Cover / Carport perfect for all seasons.

Patio Covers & Carports…

  • are built to exceed Connecticut Building Codes
  • require minimal care & provide decades of protection
  • Available in 8 popular colors to complement your home

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